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by Roo + Reice

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A split made with a close homie of mine. I am so grateful to have met Reice and watching both him and I develop as artists over the years has been quite a sight indeed. Make sure to check out Lil Mijho's other releases (because they are hella dope) at

These are a few songs I wrote between November and December of 2015. It's strange how much a person can change in the course of three months, and it's odd how foreign these songs already feel to me. I still feel, however, that they are worthy journal entries and it's nice to look back to see how much I have evolved even in this short amount of time.

All the Lil Mijho songs, some background vocals on Mita and Samus, mixing, mastering, generally making the whole thing sound awesome (with one song exception, that being No, She's Beautiful which I recorded in my bedroom) - Reice

Whining, complaining, weak guitar playing, general cigarette smoking - Roo

Background vocals on I Like You and also general cigarette smoking - Jacob Kunter



released March 13, 2016




Roo Nevada

Just a kid with a lot of time on his hands. Hit me up if you are interested in shows or whatever. For the first time ever, I have a Facebook. has a lot of my really rough stuff if you are interested. Thanks for listening.
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Track Name: Roo - For Samus, If Ever She May Find Me
A novel laid upon my bed-frame, words fettered to the page.
The lasting imprint of faculties left rotting away.
My two piercing perceptors always lose focus at yer shoes.
Hot damn, Faulkner's work seems simple compared to you.

This hapless creature can't help but objectify.
When shackled to the Earth, what perfections have I?
Past the billowing clouds, the relentless sea,
Reflections of the mind of Hayao Miyazaki.

My hands quake. I let them level my disgrace away.
You are the source of all my anxiety in the best kind of way.

In the last shards of light scattered over the hills.
In the phantoms captured in photo stills.
Yer an emotion, a feeling, that's how I rationalize
My lack of ambition to ever be caught up in yer eyes.

No, it's not you I'll find hiding, scared, and alone.
Those descriptions are mine, hell, they're skills I hone.
Can I be so selfish as to extend my hand?
Who am I kidding, I'll have my fucking head in the sand.

Even with preparation, it's a Sisyphean hassle.
Thank you, Peach, but yer prince is in another castle.
Track Name: Roo - No, She's Beautiful
The stairwell hums, and I'm listening to the last faulty flicker of a feeble lamp. Across from the banister, the street drums, and I'm sitting in silence with my vice in my left hand. It's easy to explain, hard to understand the way this panned out: a sight to see. But, don't you dare think I'm writing off any of the lessons that you taught me.

"Is it my hair?" I say, jokingly, a half-hearted conviction, shoulda been left unsaid. I wouldn't care so much if I don't have yer scent engrained in my head. I maintain the composure to hold you in high regard, figuratively now, I guess. You know I see the world in symbols, so it's not overstating how I felt when I say, "I spent a few good nights with a goddess."

Cross-tie connections and the hard work of steel driving men. We just met up, but I'm only thinking about when one of us will be leaving again. The city lights have seen the moments pass before eyes, brown and blue. Though I may be blinded by the truth, I know the stars shine brightly upon you.
Track Name: Roo - Mita House
I'm not superstitious, but I can't help and knock on wood when I say that I'm happy today.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think it will last longer than a passing glance, or at least until the day ends
But, it's nice, not to take my regrets for granted when I tally up the total sum.
See them as fence-posts, indicating to me just how far I've come.

My hands sting and the snow is falling.
It almost feels like all my scars have been sewn up.
I'm dancing to The Cure in my bedroom
though I don't know shit about love.
I wonder if it's cold enough
to freeze this moment.

My demons have been working overtime.
They musta taken a holiday, went and hung out with their family.

I'm smoking the most perfect cigarette.
(I'm sorry, Mom. I'm trying to quit.)
I'm smiling fer no reason at all
Is this what it feels like to be content?
I wonder if it's cold enough
to freeze this moment.