Roo / melfry - Split

by Roo

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This is a collection of songs that mai man melfry and I have been kicking around for a while and been wanting to put out there. It's been an amazing experience simply being able to know melfry and being able to put together a collaborative EP AND a fucking split is life-affirming. Everyone should get to know melfry at and keep an eye out on their releases, cuz they're a fantastic artist and a great friend. Thanks for listening to the music as always. It's seriously awesome!


released February 7, 2015

Songs written by melfry and Roo.
Mixed, recorded and made to sound like aural bliss by melfry
Art by melfry
Taco Bell ingested by melfry and Roo




Roo Nevada

Just a kid with a lot of time on his hands. Hit me up if you are interested in shows or whatever. For the first time ever, I have a Facebook. has a lot of my really rough stuff if you are interested. Thanks for listening.
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Track Name: Roo - Listening To La Dispute Still Reminds Me Of You
Resuscitate my recitings, speak of myself like a UFO sighting:
Swearing I'm telling the truth, but I know you can see
right through me.

Cold, drab, cast clue again. My room like me wants to cave in.
My bones creak, my lungs hiss. So my nights have come
to this

Nightmares gallop on the range.
An unheeded call to change.

So, we speak with sharpened tongues of all the things
that we've become.
Grain by grain, I've dug this grave. Greet me, leave me
with a wave

Am I in want of someone else? Do I desire to better myself?
I'm most whole with my eyes closed. You left me
before I could go.

The paradox of change.
Ever-occurring: always the same.

There comes a time when what's been fun
can no longer be undone.
A flaming match, a burning bridge,
a sleepwalking arsonist.

All seasons come to wither. Will I wilt with you
I wonder?
I know the answer, I won't lie. There but for the grace of you
go I.

Find myself at this crossroads again.
After all I'm only what I've always been.
Track Name: Roo - Snoking
Painted in stucco, your spinals protrusions hold messages if tapped.
You're smuggling secrets within the dashboard, swearing that you'll take
the rap.
You got a baby coming,
proclaiming you'll stay clean,
but I know you're lying to me.

Musky aroma, I could smell you from space and you think your Dad doesn't know.
I wonder if the smoke smells as good as the shit you snort up your nose.
I'm dying slowly. You're dying on time.
For less than a dime.

When I ask you where you have been
you just reply, "Getting fucked up" again.
I know what you'll say, but I think this is more than just a phase.

Your recollections are dream-like at best: a mystery of what, why, how and when.
I love your stories, except for the ones about your time spent in pen.
When your jailmates left you, your family was gone, and you were left all alone.

Now I am leaving a memorial to our past selves with sculptures of ash.
Counting the day down, with the cigarettes that I have left.
I've got the say that I miss the way that you used to be.
Track Name: Roo - You Like Daniel Johnston?
You're projecting yourself to me and I'm accepting.
I saw ya,
got distracted, hit my head on the could in Laputa.
Knocked bereft
of what peace of mind I had left.
Now all my jigsaw puzzles are impossible.

The term is "Staircase Wit" but what if it is permanent?
Descent and ascension from Hades, but no one is ever following me.
I don't see how anyone could make it look so easy
to be the Sun.

Platonic metaphors.
You're a perfect form to me.
But should I really squander time in a shadow of reality?
Whatever rationale I use to help me sleep.

I can't seize the day today: I'll do it tomorrow.
Track Name: melfry - m. night shamwow
and even though i've read this book several times before
i always forget how it goes.

but in spite of this, whenever i reach the end of it
i'm never surprised by the twist.

but at least i can say that every time i read it
it's just as exciting as the first.
Track Name: melfry - taco bell
i know you like eating local
and you make your own jams at the co-op
and offer to split plates with me while we're out
when i'd rather just have a whole dish to myself

so when i call up and ask you
if you'd like to come with me for fast food
please understand that it's not about charm
or taste or sustainable living
i just want a reason to hang out with you
but i think that your taste in restaurants
is a little more picky than we can afford
to be in college at age 20
Track Name: melfry - i kinda feel like an asshole (but honestly, so should you!)
every year, the seasons change
but you, you always stay the same.
like every other time of year,
i ask myself why i'm here.

the summer when i moved away
you said we'd have to have a day
to spend time like we used to do.
but when we did you asked me to
take you to the store and back
because you're afraid of driving there.
and on the way back to your house
i heard no words come from your mouth.

and in the fall, on your birthday
i spent two weeks trying to find a
thing i knew you'd always wanted.
and two weeks later, i found out that you'd sold it.

when i came home for easter break
you took me out to dinner with
friends i hadn't seen in months.
but i couldn't tell if you were one of them.

it isn't that i think that you owe me.
i just wish that you wouldn't ask me
what it was i wanted for christmas
if you weren't gonna get it for me in the first place