The Car EP

by Roo & melfry

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This EP are a couple songs that mai man melfry and I have been playing for a while. We recorded it in our cars, because it was cold outside. Despite his not having any releases except for this one, keep an eye on melfry at He's the best!


released December 26, 2014

Songs written by Roo & melfry
Mixed and recorded by melfry




Roo Nevada

Just a kid with a lot of time on his hands. Hit me up if you are interested in shows or whatever. For the first time ever, I have a Facebook. has a lot of my really rough stuff if you are interested. Thanks for listening.
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Track Name: You Know That One Fiona Apple Album?
People are hapless and happy I'm hopeless:
Searching for places to wait for a text
that says that you'll be late an hour or two
which sucks cuz I have nothing to do.

I twisted my ankle on the top of a roof
that I almost fell off when I broke up with you
But I should have known that it wasn't the end
cuz life isn't worthless when you've got a friend.

We found the Big Dipper
traced it with our hand
followed the handle
up while it ran
to places just a little too far
for us to drive in our car.

The distance we traveled inside our hearts
led us to sidewalks outside of dive bars
holding a people that seemed to me
to be someone I never wanted to be.

Revisiting places where heartbreak was felt
with acceptance of the cards that were dealt
the future is written in water
and I don't think fate exists.
Track Name: Could You Imagine Having Sex Inside A Taco Bell?
"Your Majesty, I do plead guilty
to these crimes against humanity"
I was found killing time, and stealing looks
No, life isn't confined within text books.
The verdict is known;
Court is adjourned;
You know all my
Strumming patterns.

Van Gogh, Escher,
My whole taste in art
Is defined entirely
By posters hung in college dorms.
But I don't see what's so wrong about that.
Jeff Koons may have been made in heaven
But he knows nothing of deep breaths in the grass.

Like the future, the reactants are insoluble.

In rumination I consider myself smart
But I struggle to define art
I can't find truth; Pretty girls are all I see
What does Hamlet know about me?

(Inconsolable: the differences I've set in motion. Ir-retractable: The statements I've said in collusion. Slippery: The grasp I have upon who I am. Carefully: dissecting all I can. In an effort to discover, something that might resemble truth here.)

Just because I don't have anywhere to go
Doesn't me I want to be here.